GUI scaling problem

Hello Artists and GUI Designers! :smile:

I’m not good with GUI Designing and being an Artist like yall since I’m mainly a Programmer so I have a problem that might be seen to be a little problem for probably almost all of you.

So basically I’m trying to make this Frame fit the whole entire screen, it works in studio fine but when I go and play the game it looks weird, I need help to fix this problem here’s how it looks:

In studio:

In the game:

Maybe try scalling it on another screen size.
Click the phone and the tablet and change it to the biggest, since some screens are different when you play and test in studio. If not that then you can scale the GUI bigger with the size option in the preferences of the frame.

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That doesn’t work I have tried that before, and the problem with the second solution is while it seems like a good solution it isn’t because some players will still have their GUI not fit the whole screen.

Did you try the size scalling in the frames preferences?

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Yes I did, read my previous post again.

I recomend trying to adjust the size to these exact measurements, I tried it in my studio and that worked.
That should fill the screen of any device. I hope this helps

-uD0ge :dog: