Gui To Lua V2 (Update Logs / Information)

On first installation, after allowing script injection and the HTTP request to github (for the Roblox API) you may need to restart Roblox Studio. This is a one time bug that i will look into.

Advantages Over The Original Gui To Lua

  • All instances are now supported, not just GUI objects!

  • Scripts can now access instances that are children / descendants of themself.

  • Attributes are now supported.

Update Logs

Version 1.1.c : Updated API dump to support any new properties.

Version 1.1 (11th October 2021)

First Addition:
• Added an option to manually set the order in which scripts execute within your GUI. To do this add an attribute labelled as “Hierarchy” (number type). The script with the GREATEST hierarchy number will be ran first and follows the trend downwards to 0

• All hierarchy numbers must be greater than or equal to 0 (multiple scripts can have the same number).
• Any script without a hierarchy number will be behind any that do.
• Scrips are still ran using coroutine wraps (can change this with the second addition).


By giving the second script a hierarchy number you can force it to run first, this can also be applied to scripts which use the same parent.

Second Addition:
• Added an option to force certain scripts within the GUI to fully execute before continuing along the list (useful with the first addition). To do this add an attribute labelled as “Yield” (boolean type).

• Boolean attribute must be true.


By adding the yield as well as the hierarchy you can make the second script run first and force it to fully execute before continuing to the next script.

Any “Hierarchy” or “Yield” attribute (only applies to base scripts) that does not meet the criteria is ignored and removed from the instance.

Version 1.0 (5th October 2021)

• Released

• Fixed the property “Rich Text” conversion.
• Fixed properties that use instances (must be within the GUI).