Guidance needed in Scripting VFX

Hi, I am attempting to start creating some VFX (RPG/anime style) for things such as melee combat combos and projectiles. And before I start I want to know the most efficient and player-friendly ways to go about scripting them. Should I be creating and tweening meshes and particles in the local script? Should I have modules or use server scripts for damage and other effects?

Here are some of the meshes that I mean.

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Step 1:
Learn maths!, trigonometry, algebra, functions, ect.

Step 2:
Learn how to make graphic art! (Maybe using if you don’t have photoshop)

Step 3:
Learn how to make 3d models and texture them ! Use blender for beginners

Step 4:
Make anime game!

August 09 2021: RPG/Anime Game Incident

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Yep! I am already capable of steps 1-3, it’s just Step 4, scripting, implementing and creating the game that I need some help with.

Step 5:
Recruit people from GRP or Devforum or third party groups

Step 6:
Implement modular mechanics, each power/ability/tool you can update cleanly and efficiently, which can be equipped as a tool by the user in an inventory based system

Step 7:
Make thumbnail and advertisement, if you don’t have robux for the game, get investors or do some commision work

Thank you for the tips, I will take all of that into account :). However, my original question was asking about how to go about creating the vfx myself and some scripting advice. I appreciate your quick response!