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The Great Escape | Guidelines & Moderation


(1) Game Abuse

Game Abuse is defined as exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating game code and/or using external software to cheat. One violation will result in a permanent ban.

(2) Disruption

Disruption is defined as interfering with other players’ experience. One violation will result in a suspension for 30 days. If continued, a permanent ban will follow.

Moderation Manual

Permanent Bans & Suspensions

Permanent bans are given to those who have committed a serious violation, or who have received one suspension prior. Suspensions are temporary bans, set to expire after a set period of time. All suspensions expire at the start of the day given in Eastern Standard Time.


Appeals are not given to those who receive a ban or suspension. If you feel as if your ban or suspension was a mistake, please contact @L7_M.