[GUIDES] Sluzhyz Training Handbook

Training Handbook [SLUSHYZ]

Notes towards trainer

  • Make sure to schedule this before
  • Announce when training is starting
  • Don’t have to many helpers / trainers on stage


Host: Hello, welcome I am [INSERT USERNAME] your host today. Thanks everyone for coming.
Co-Host: Hello! I am [INSERT USERNAME] your co-host today. Thanks everyone for coming.
Host: Please pay close attention towards me during this next 2 minute’s as I am reading important rules.
Host: RULE 1: Use grammar at all times.
Host: RULE 2: Do not speak while your trainer is speaking
Host: RULE 3: Please do not troll during the training.

Co-Host: Alright I will now be sending you’s via groups to your trainers.
(Co-Host assign helpers/trainers groups should already be assigned)

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Sorry, to say but SLUSHYZ is on serious hold for around a monthish.