Guirlande - Builder

Hello, reader

— Who am I ? —

I’m guirlande also guigui3434, builder on roblox since 2018.
Made creations, and experiences, and mainly building realistic stuff.

— Creations —





— More —

I worked with groups and people, with expectations always respected, I made Homestores, Realistic Places,
Buildings, Detailed assets, and much more, everything you wish, I can make the best to do it.

About my payment it’s negotiable, by discuss we will arrange to fix a price that make both of us satisfied.

I only work with professionals, and I don’t work for free depending on the project

I finish every work I’m contracted for, and always tell if I can’t make it, I also accept every critics, when they are constructed and founded. If respect, or professional way to work is broken, I can cease discuss.

— Contact —

— Thanks for reading —



If you feel to be comfortable enough with french grammar, you could even say you’re an available translator for any developer.



I’m enough comfortable with french grammar I’m french, but I don’t think I will translate for anyone else than me maybe later, In all case thanks for the comment :hidere:

Can you explain The role of a translator? for an example I am fluent in another language which is portuguese which I don’t think its common on this site

Love the work keep it up bud! Hope to see more soon!

If you can translate a language to english or else. (for example portuguese to english) You can be called translator. also if you translate for you or other

Thanks, more will come soon. I currently work on a new game

Could I talk to you on Discord?
I am Arziio#4953

Hi ,I am interessed send me a private message on the devforum or add me on discord: pushy151 # 9643(no space)

I am interested! Please message me on discord. phorba#8385

I Do NOT Recommend!

It took him 2 days to build 1 building and then he stopped responding!
I paid for 3 Building!
I think I paid 400

also if gui reads this I paid you for the Walmart and the other stuff

Edit #1:
I did not pay him actually after he did it he went offline for a full 7 months so I never paid him but i will be willing to pay for the crappy design that he did

The design was this:Walmart
that was supposed to be the Walmart
so that is what I mean by crappy

Who are you ?

Thanks for your complain