Guis unresponsive

In studio, my UI’s aren’t being responsive. If I attempt to open a shop for instance, the button does not work. I have gone through the code and found no errors. Anyone with any solutions?

A LocalScript will only run Lua code if it is a descendant of one of the following objects:

  • A Player’s Backpack , such as a child of a Tool
  • A Player’s character model
  • A Player’s PlayerGui
  • A Player’s PlayerScripts .
  • The ReplicatedFirst service

Make sure you are using a LocalScript instead of a Script for Detecting Input.

Shouldn’t this be under Scripting Support?

The code works now, thanks.

And I mean it’s UI, so design support is okay I guess?

Yes but the correct category is in terms of the type of problem you are having, not the context it is being used in.

It should be in Scripting Support because this is an issue with code and scripts, Design Support is for game design, UI design, etc. (keyword ‘design’).

Sorry kinda new to this


Don’t sweat it, we’re all learners. Perhaps even a non-member of the forums had a similar question that’s now answered. Welcome abroad to the learning train.

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Thanks! :grin: