GuiService:AddSelectionParent/Tuple not stopping other guis being selected

local function SetSelectionParent(ID,ScreenGui)
	local GuiObjects = {}
	for i,v in pairs(ScreenGui:GetChildren()) do
		if v:IsA("GuiObject") then
	print(tostring(#GuiObjects).." objects found")

The print confirms that the selection is being correctly set, but every gui, including ones that have never been added to a selection, can still be selected, meaning this does absolutely nothing. The same happens with AddSelectionParent. Does anyone know why?

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I too need an answer to this :frowning:

This is still happening for AddSelectionTuple. I just tried it out and I can still select everything not just the stuff in the tuple.

Edit: This thread should probably be moved to bug reports.

Both functions still broken as of today.

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Note that this is in Development Support. Engineers are unlikely to see this topic. Please use Platform Feedback to report bug reports.

I’ve moved the post to engine bugs

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