Gumball Man what you guys think?

Hey Builders, I made this Gumball Machine Man. I made one part in blender and I was thinking just making it into a gumball machine, but no thanks I made it into a man. I wanna know what you guys think?


Thanks for Reading-Pr_amise


Looks pretty nice. I like the “low poly” feel to it.

One thing I would critique about it would be the glass/transparent part. I don’t like that you can see the edges. I believe it is possible, and it would look better to be smoother. This isn’t the best way to explain it, but hopefully you can understand. :slight_smile:


This would go swell in a Candy game where you would be certain types of candy dispensers and do stuff

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Looks cute, as Poly said the glass needs to be viewed without the edges then it will look fine.

Looks pretty neat! It would be cool if you added eyes that are gumballs for it.

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Are the arms movable or is it all one piece?