Gun animation I made with an fps rig

Its very choppy but I guess its decent, I made a little gun reload and shoot animation for fun. ( I am probably going to add more soon)


Looks Excellent! It is a bit jittery, but that’s ok. The animation itself is very nice and dynamic. The only real criticisms I have is that the arm does 2 90 degree turns during the reload and when reloading the clip clips through and into the gun. Maybe turn down the time spent on the recovery after firing as well as it’s a bit long. Keep practicing!

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It does look a little sloppy but I can’t judge because I never did animations.

The sloppyness is probably from my trash recorder. All my videos dont look very… nice.

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If you want a good recorder use OBS

Got it, thanks for the feedback.

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Really nice for a first reload animation! I suggest you watch this YT vid: , it goes over each part of a reload animation and breaks it down.

Thanks, Ill look into it. I have been trying to get better at fps animations anyway.