Gun bullets not damaging a sat down character but damages a standing character!

Ok guys here is my problem. I have a gun that uses raycasting. When I click, there is a ray and there is a laser. The laser isnt the one damaging the humanoid. On the position of my mouse, a bullet will spawn and then damage the character. It uses body position to not fall and uses the touched event. The bullet has a stun effect and will make the character sit and fall after it it gets damaged at a certain health. But when the character is seated and falls flat on the ground it cant be damaged by the bullets. It just doesnt register a hit!

Capture when not sitted →

Capture when sitted →

Note: The two dummies are the same its just that they have different character mesh.

Please tell me the problem!

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You used the wrong category please change it to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

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Have you used the :Sit() function? I have the feeling collissions aren’t really the same when the state is seated

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I am so sorry! I found out the reason why it is not working. I did not add the damage for when the character is sitting. Now it works. I forgot to script damage for sitting characters! Sorry about that.

EDIT: it is not working, i thought it was fixed

I am still trying to rectify the issue.

I can’t solve without the code

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Try to add an If statement!
You could also add some print() functions to make sure that hit Is registered and where (you may remove them later if you want) :grin:
Here’s the example below!

if hit.Parent.Humanoid.Sit == false then
print("Humanoid Isn't sitting, damage w/stun effect!")
-- damage code here with the stun effect
elseif hit.Parent.Humanoid.Sit == true then
print("Humanoid Is sitting, damage!")
-- damage code here without the stun effect
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I have done testing and I think what you have said here is true! But the thing is all the rigs ive used and tested are the same(-ish) I copied the player character while in test and pasted it! When i shot it while it was seated it did not work. I tried with another dummy the normal rig that i inserted and it worked. It could get damaged when seated.

Code has been removed in a edit because I have solved the issue.

I went into server mode while testing and disabled the sit for the humanoid, I could then damage it

Ok thanks i found out that when the character is sitting the hit didnt register.

I know this might not be related but when it comes to a character model being anchored it would not register that it died unless the you damage it 2 or more times for it to die. what I would suggest is having a script that detects that its health is below or equal to 0, another solution is manually setting its health other than using Humanoid:TakeDamage()

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I do not use TakeDamage().But when the humanoid is seated the bullet doesnt damage it.Not on a seat part but the property being ticked.

edit: i fixed it, it was the code