Gun Model - Roleplay games & War games

Hi, people!
Today I’ve made updated a model for a simple roleplay games, war games, etc.
This gun is very simple.

NOTE: I did not make this gun, i’ve been modfying a little bit of the parts.

  • Websites that are useful to this development:

  • Free models which I updated, and tested:
    all I did was search up “gun” and decided to take a look at it, and fix some old things inside.

*Royaltly-free art, studio, audio, texture recources?

Why is this a plugin?
So it can auto update. (Constantly updates)

Plugin link:

  • gun warzone - Roblox

  • What is this meant for?

  • Roleplay games, chinese games, war zones, base wars, or whatever you want to call it.