Gun not working properly upon first equip

I have a gun that I parent to the player’s backpack upon teleporting them into an Arena. Upon first equipping the tool, it doesn’t work at all, however after that first equip, if the player re-equips it, it works perfectly fine. It does not glitch out after being re-equipped after the first time.

I have absolutely no idea what’s causing this. I have tried removing the gun’s ammo UI to see if a WaitForChild was causing the issue but it didn’t work.

The way my gun system works is, upon equipping a tool, it finds the module in ReplicatedStorage corresponding to the tool and fetches it’s information from the module, such as the AnimationID’s and Cursor Icon’s for it to use. Inside that function to handle the tool information I have the functions for firing the bullets, etc.

Here’s an example of how it works:

local function handleTool(newTool)

local gunConfig	= globalGunConfigs[newTool.Name]
if not gunConfig then return end


local magSize		= gunConfig.magSize
local currentClip	= gunConfig.clipSize

local holdingAnimation			='Animation')
holdingAnimation.AnimationId	= gunConfig.holdingAnimation
local holdingAnimTrack 			= localHumanoid:LoadAnimation(holdingAnimation)
holdingAnimTrack.Looped		    = true
holdingAnimTrack.Priority		= Enum.AnimationPriority.Action


I tried handling the tool upon it being added to the Backpack, but that didn’t fix the issue either.

    if newChild and newChild:IsA('Tool') and newChild:FindFirstChild('GunType') then

tl;dr Gun not working properly when first equipped, when re-equipped it works fine. Upon character dying same thing happens.


Put a wait(1) at the very beginning of the tools script. This should solve the problem. It’s likely the script runs too fast for roblox to keep up.

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Please do not make mindless suggestions such as this. This is extremely bad practice and does not solve the root problem.

@ OP, when you say it doesn’t work at all, you mean it also doesn’t fire when you click?
Have you done general debugging such as printing variables? Unless there’s something more nefarious happening here, the only time handleTool could escape without doing anything is when gunConfig is nil or false.


While it’s not necessarily the best solution, it often works and I have been using this for years to solve issues with guns that I have come across.

I provided a potential solution to the OP and it’s up to him to determine whether it solves his problem or not.

I think a better underlined point is to make sure you are yielding until all necessary objects have been loaded. Consider a wider usage of WaitForChild, particularly on the client.

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Will do, I’ll let you know how that goes.

@qqtt991 Yes, the gun does not shoot, the gun animations don’t work for holding it, the cursor does not load. However re-equipping it makes the gun work fine, which means it can shoot, have the animations and cursor loaded.

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Waiting for all assets to load fixed the issue. I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m making guns to ensure of that firsthand.

Thank you.