Gun not working

I am trying to build a gun for my game, but it does not seem to work. (Just to be clear its on purpose that I want the gun to aim based off where my character is looking and not the mouse)

It only shoots north though.

This is the code, do you see any issues with it?
And yes I checked the spelling and everything no problems there.

Gun Script:

script.Parent.GunRemote.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, lookingat)
	local gun = plr.Backpack:FindFirstChild("Musket1777") or plr.Character:FindFirstChild("Musket1777")
	local cfr = gun.MusketNuzzle.CFrame
	local bullet = game.ServerStorage.Bullet:Clone()
	bullet.Parent = game.Workspace
	bullet.CFrame = cfr
	local flight ="BodyForce", bullet)
	flight.Force =, bullet:GetMass()*196.2, -1)

Gun LocalScript:

	local pos = script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid.TargetPoint
	local lookingat = (pos - script.Parent.Parent.Head.Position).Unit

I’d imagine because vector 3 doesn’t factor in orientation, so when you apply force you’re using - 1 on the z axis but to the vector that’s just north. I’m on my phone so i can’t test but you could try converting your cframe to a vector 3 world space, and then use the unit function to get your force to apply, then remove the y value on the vector received to not mess with your gravity.

That’s where I’d start!

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ok i will try that! charssssss

Maybe replace the -1 with this:


You should use raycasting but if not then use this

	local flight ="BodyVelocity", bullet)
	flight.Velocity = -bullet.CFrame.lookVector * 5 --Speed

You do not need looking at.

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if you want the bullet to go where the gun/character is facing then either use head/humanoidrootpart lookVector, or for a better result, an invisible muzzle part on the gun and use that parts lookvector

code example:

local startPosition = muzzle.Position
local startCFrame = muzzle.CFrame
local direction = muzzle.CFrame.LookVector

Youll see this this function under this, it has a “Raycast” function, in my personal game I fire a raycast and a physical bullet so that we can get accurate checking and cool bullets

bullet.CFrame =, startPosition + direction) *, 0, -0.7)
RayCast() -- Initial checking

local createBulletTrajectory = coroutine.wrap(function()
	while bullet do
		bullet.CFrame = bullet.CFrame *, 0, -bulletVelocity) * CFrame.Angles(-bulletDropAngle, 0, 0)

		RayCast() -- Hit detection
		task.wait() -- *if you want tracers, visible bullets, and debug mode :)*

and an example of the function would be

local function RayCast()
		ray =, bullet.CFrame.LookVector * bulletVelocity)
		object, position = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(ray, {tool.Parent}, false, true)
		if object and bullet then
-- do stuff like, if humanoid, etc


edit: yes you should be using raycasting for detection, it runs smoother and is more accurate