Gun won't work when using giver brick

I’m trying to use this tool giver brick to give players guns. It gives me the gun, but when I equip it, the model just shows up where the tool was inserted in. Help please. The gun system I’m using is warbound.

Please give us the script you’re having problems with. We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s going on.

You can screenshot the script you’re having problems with, or you can just copy and paste the script into your post.

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local Detector = script.Parent.ClickDetector
local Tool = game.ServerStorage.Lebel
local Part = script.Parent

local Clone = Tool:Clone()
Clone.Parent = Player.Character

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with the script.
Did you change anything in ServerStorage?
Did you forget to unanchor the tool?
Did you check output to see if there are any issues?

You should be putting tools into the Backpack, not the Character of a player.


Is there a part called “Handle”, like that exactly as the child of the tool? You need to make the handle invisible in this case, and then the gun needs to be

warbound doesn’t use handles. (30 characters lol)

so i should just replace all of the characters with backpack?

Nothing really seems wrong with the code. Although I would change Player.Character to Player.Backpack like what Mixu said. Is the script a local script? I would try changing it to a normal script if that’s the case.