Guns breaks in Public Game

Ok so uhhh… I use FE gun kit, edited version… Without viewmodel, but it not the target of “Ask for help”, the reason is Everything works in studio perfect, but when i test game in Client (Roblox not studio) the game tells me about mobile support, please help. (I mean the F9 console, not the game.) Spoiler : Game link in one of replies. You can try to see whats going on.

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Are you testing it on Mobile?

The guns may not work for mobile.

Im on PC. Testing on PC. Only mobile can use guns. Only for 1 life.

I can also send link to you if needed to view it.

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Are you using a guns system or…?

Im using FE Gun kit, from toolbox, because bad at making guns B(

Btw i use ACS really many times, because it easiest way to make a FPS game, still im trying to get new skills, but i likely get more Skill issue.

I suggest using a gun system like ACS or OTS, they are both great. (ACS is an First Person system, while OTS is Third Person.

Awww, sad, because systems like “ACS” have bleeding etc. And its hard to disable

Making guns are hard. I don’t have time to make a tutorial, but I do suggest searching one up in community tutorials and/or YouTube.

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Hell nah, not youtube. The 24/7 of explaining nothing, i better use FE guns kit and learn something, but not learn on youtube. Because im Russian D:

I guess i’ll just try to fix problem or disable Mobile Support :confused:

i just noticed the https were disabled :skull:

I do suggest looking one up online or in the community tutorials tab in the devforum. When I get back I will write a tutorial up for you. I’ll send a link when it is up.

K, see ya soon. Guess ya help me a lot.

Link :

The game

Thats the error

I deleted MobileButtons, now imma gonna check.

Damn everything broke restoring

Wow, i just added more guns, the problem 75% resolved, but sometimes (btw i think i know how to fix issue) pistol does not work, or else an random gun! So, i can spam guns in storage of them, that they cant break! Problem resolved? Yes.