Guys is my game Gabinete good?

I made it on my alt (beleza903)


No, it really isn’t that good, i’m not trying to come off as harsh but your game is stuck in 2008… Change the music and building style


wait there is a music on the game?

i like the 2008 building style so, i will keep it in that game but i will try to change it in my next games

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It’s just a throw with Linked Sword and paintball gun that doesn’t work!
Building is pretty weird and just feels rushed up. :S

EDIT: Just to give positive feedback that you should not rush and put it here, just give it time to it and effort, then people will like your creations! :}

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the gun does works it does doesnt has a animation or a bullet it is with the mouse, if you aim at someone and click it will deal damage, but thanks for the feedback! :grin:

i didnt rushed my building i just really liked it :frowning: anyways it isnt a good building ik but i will try my best to be better :grin:

Mind making it like one reply without make seperate ones? I’d appreciate it.

ok sorry i do it on discord so i started doing it here :grimacing:

it’s this music right here

I would recommend renaming the post to something like “Feedback On My Game” because is my game good is pretty vague. As for the game, I’m going to be a little harsh, but the building have no details as all and kind of a weird shape, I would reccomend using a reference image of a real life building you want to replicate and using materials and better colors along with more details to create something better.

It’s a really interesting game, that’s for sure.

I’ve got a ton of experience building in an older-roblox style, and if you’re going for a 2008 vibe make sure to use 1-stud grids in Roblox studio and avoid using any materials besides maybe wood since those didn’t exist for a while. There was only four brick types including normal bricks, spheres, cylinders, and wedges. You’ll want to make ladders out of bricks instead of trusses as a result. The same goes for any meshes you use that aren’t clearly an old hat mesh like the pumpkins you had in the corner or old weapon meshes. Generally speaking I’d probably avoid using meshes and decals in general.

Dunno, your game was really weird. I don’t have that many thoughts on it but your ideas felt kinda scattered. I think the game would work better if we could go third-person instead of being stuck in first-person, and you might wanna add in a leaderboard and a working paintball gun. Or really you need a more central idea for the game overall, maybe a brickbattle style game?

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