Guys someone can give me some crazy ideas to do with messaging service?

Guys i tried to do some banner system like all start one i already archive the project but it go pretty well but once another server was created this server just send the information for all the others that was already open! can you give me hints to try to stop this from happening? i think i need to use Data Stores + Messaging Service but i have no clue of how an script that checks if an server already send the information for all the others servers am starter at script but yes i dont copy any youtube tutorial to do it i start watching some tutorial about the theme and going making it work on my kind of game but this happens and idk wat logic i should use to make an server recognize that an server already send the information for all the others and when another be created he just dont send the message to update the others.

Soo i wil restart my banner system for the 4 time and i dont complain about it instead i really like redoing it over and over again idk why.

and iam an starter but for some reason i just learn if i aim something witch is hard to go search for the more simple things.

too much text sorry O_O but i want some ideas to do with messaging service and how to stop an server from sending an message from an messagin service if a server is already open and sendind data to this server that is just open thank you and sorry for getting your time. (Srry if this text have any english error.)