Hamilton, but in Roblox

Okay, so I’m wondering about something. Would it be possible to make the musical Hamilton in Roblox (skipping swear words and the affair part). My only concern is how would I get the music. But I really don’t have any concerns after that.

Q: Would the actors use the chat system?
A: No I’d use a camping-style dialogue.

Q: What will the Roblox actors do?
A: The actors will move around the stage to make it more lively.

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Thanks for reading!

For people wondering about TAoN

Development is back! It will be out soon :wink:

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First off, happy birthday!

I’m a big fan of musicals, I’ve seen a good few. Matilda, White Christmas, It’s a wonderful life, etc. And every single one I’ve been to I’ve loved. I honestly would like to see a musical made in roblox. But why stop at Hamilton? How about composing original plays and musicals? That would be amazing.

The only problem is the AFK-kick. If you’re AFK for 15 minutes, you’re disconnected, so you can’t watch the musical.

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Thanks for the feedback. Also, it’s my DevForum anniversary, not my b-day lol. But thank you for caring!

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