Hanalei Bay | Public Handbook


Salutations, welcome to our official ROBLOX information page. As our community at Hanalei is evolving quite rapidly, we would like to ensure that our audience members remain well-informed at all times. While acknowledging community feedback, we have provided information and addressed numerous individual concerns throughout this post. If you concern was not directly explained, please feel free to contact us within our public Communications Server.

Hanalei Games

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Hanalei Hotels Group Information

Alliance Information

Salutations! As we continue to grow, Hanalei Hotels is always looking for other groups to collaborate and form positive relationships with. In order to form a partnership with us, we ask that you please contact a Director of the Public Relations Department if you meet the listed requirements. They can be contacted within our public Communications Server.

Partnership Requirements:

• Must have a good-standing reputation within the Roblox community.
• Must have 5,000 non-botted members in the Roblox group.
• Must maintain professionalism at all times throughout operation.
• Must have original games, clothing, designs, etc.
• Must have 2-3 representatives in our Discord server.
• Must follow the Roblox Terms of Service as-well-as our group guidelines.
• Must maintain a sufficient amount of activity at all times of operation.

Partnership Expectations:

While being affiliated with us, there are some standards we expect from your organization. Failure to meet our expectations will result in the termination of our alliance together, depending on the severity of the situation.

• Must be willing to announce our respective events.
• Staff must maintain professionalism at all Hanalei facilities.
• Staff must maintain professionalism in our communications server.
• Must be willing to work on collaborated events with Hanalei.
• Must be willing to productively communicate with the Hanalei Public Relations Department.

Session Information

Salutations. Just starting out? You have come to the right place! Our training sessions give our staff members the opportunity to advance their position within our group. In order to receive a promotion, you must attend the session times below and be ranked to at least Trainee. While attending a training session, you are eligible to train for the next rank, until you reach Management. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us within our public Communications Server.

Training Session Schedule

1st Session - 9 AM Eastern Time
2nd Session - 12 PM Eastern Time
3rd Session - 3 PM Eastern Time
4th Session - 6 PM Eastern Time
5th Session - 9 PM Eastern Time
6th Session - 12 AM Eastern Time

All of the following session times above are listed in Eastern Time. We highly encourage
individuals to use a time converter, to convert the time to your personal time zone.

Session Reminders

  • Training sessions usually last a duration of around an hour. Please make sure that you are available during the entire session. Administrators allow individuals to go “AFK” for a maximum of five minutes. If you are seen inactive “AFK” during the session, you will be removed.

  • If you are attending a session, please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the listed training session time. Administrators lock the session exactly at the listed time above.

  • Please be sure to remain respectful and appropriate during all sessions. Administrators will remove individuals from the training session that are seen not complying with guidelines.

  • If you passed, please do not leave the session until your trainer tells you that you have been ranked and you can leave. If you leave before your trainer directs you to leave, you will have to attend another session in the future in order to receive the promotion. If you have failed, please do not feel discouraged. Our administrators are constantly hosting sessions.

Department Information

Wondering who to contact? Below is a list of our Department Leaders at Hanalei Hotels. If you have an individual concern regarding a specific department, we encourage you to contact our administrators that manage the department. They can be messaged within our public Communications Server.

:shield: Moderation Department [Enforces Discord related guidelines]
Head of Moderation:
Deputy Head of Moderation:

:loudspeaker: Public Relations Team [Forms partnerships & hosts community-wide events]
Head of Public Relations: Cupcakesheet67 / Unicorn_kitty56💙#5926
Deputy Head of Public Relations:

:scroll: Human Resources Department [Inactivity management & manages staff reforms]
Head of Human Resources:
Deputy Head of Human Resources:

:crown: Department Overseers
Department Overseer: SophieWorld28 / b!#0001
Department Overseer: BanksWorld28 / Sophie#8367
Department Overseer: LimitedBucky / Bucky;#3660