Hand painted things, feedback, and estimated price

Hi, for prtty much all my time modelling I was either doing low-poly or realistic assets using substance. But lately I tried getting into hand painting textures directly on meshes. Would be cool to hear some feedback.

I’d appreciate:

  • Feedback on the models. Do these look ok to you?
  • Whether the style would fit into roblox games
  • Something you would like improved or changed
  • How much would you price assets like these

All models are under 400 tris (192, 372, 146 left to right) and the textures are 512x512 pixels.

Thanks for stopping by! :wave:

Edit: Modelled and textured in blender


wow this is looks amazing!, i am very like also the textures keep up.


Amazing! I do not think I would change any of it! :+1:


They look amazing and I don’t see much to change. I’m not sure how much I would price it since I don’t really know the rates for these sort of things. But, overall good job.

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Did you use blender to model them? And what did you use to texture it?

He has already mentioned he used substance to texture them. Most likely as everyone is using, he might have used Blender as well.

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I think I confused you. I do realistic texturing in substance since it’s mostly built for it. Hand painting is usually done in 3D Coat but I did these in blender since I don’t need additional maps which roblox doesn’t support anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would price these about 1-2k each, they are highly detailed and have great textures!

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“Ok”? They are amazing :D! Cartoonish, and use of right textures. Just perfect to look at.

Yes, this style is perfect for game genres like RPG, especially the last sword, just gives a vibe like a weapon from a medieval RPG game!

I can’t think of any changes or improvements. They look perfect to me.

I would price a single asset for 1.5k to 3.5k :robux_gold:

Incredible job!
Good luck with 3D modeling!

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This is REALLY good! They’re really high quality.
I personally wouldn’t change anything of them. Obviously it depends on the type of game but I feel like they would fit into most games.

I’d price them around :robux: 1,000-1,500 per asset, personally.

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Wow. Those look amazing! I think a reasonable price would be around 2-3,000 robux per asset.

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I was gonna say how it looks kinda low res until I looked at the tri count, I am pretty impressed that the sword has just 146 tris. That’s super impressive in my book well done

How much you should price them could be up to you depending on the time you spend making each one. I would probably say $10-$20 per asset, so roughly 2500 - 5000 Robux per asset, if I assume each one takes you 1-2 hours.