[HANDBOOK] : Delicate Donuts


Welcome to Delicate Donuts! Our staff team strive to provide everyone with an perplexing experience meaning what ever you need; we provide. Members of the team are elated to help you throughout your visit making your priorities our number one priority.

All our staff related things can be located within this channel, it is mainly used for MR+ although it could be helpful for lower ranks trying to rank up!

Shift Guide

Hola! Looking to host a shift? Well, its easy!
Sidenote: HR+ has hosting permission, each shift may have one Co-Host.

Announcing it:
Say !!shift [USERNAME] [EST TIME] (Will post a message and groupshout)


[HOST]: m Amenities! There is currently a shift being hosted by [USERNAME], please come on down and STS on the supervisor+ line.
wait 1 minute
[HOST]: m [SECOND CALL] Amenities! There is currently a shift being hosted by [USERNAME], please come on down and STS on the supervisor+ line.
wait 1 minute
[HOST]: m [FINAL CALL] Amenities! There is currently a shift being hosted by [USERNAME], please come on down and STS on the supervisor+ line.
wait 1 minute

[HOST]: m Greetings! As stated before, I am [USERNAME] and I will be the host for this shift!
[CO-HOST]: m Commendations! I am [USERNAME] and I will be the Co-Host for this shift!

[HOST]: There are some rules required to be followed in-order to pass this shift, please pay careful attention while my Co-Host sates them.
[CO-HOST]: m 1. Use grammar and remain professional at all times.
[CO-HOST]: m 2. Don’t ask for promotions.
[CO-HOST]: m 3. Respect all in-game players regardless of their status or position.
[CO-HOST]: m 4. Follow any instruction given to you by players with a shield over their name, unless told to break the rules.

[HOST]: Please note that if you need any assistance we are here for all assistance needs! You are now dismissed, goodluck!


[HOST]: Its that time again! Can everyone who attended my shift please STS on the supervision line for promotions!
wait 1 min
[HOST]: [FINAL CALL] Its that time again! Can everyone who attended my shift please STS on the supervision line for promotions!

[HOST]: I strongly commend everyone on their efforts put into todays shifts, however there were some people who especially caught my eyes!
[CO-HOST] : m As stated before, great work! If you receive a blue bubble (Forcefield) around your avatar please step forward! :>


[CO-HOST] : Amazing work! If you didn’t receive a forcefield, don’t be discouraged to try again later! You’re all dismissed!

  • Be sure to log all the promotions after ranking, in the management server located in documentation.
Training Guide

Hola! Looking to host a training? Well, its easy!
Sidenote: Only HR+ has hosting permission.

Announcing it:
Say !!training [USERNAME] [EST TIME] (Will post a message and groupshout)


[HOST]: Say /team !Host before starting.
[CO-HOST]: Say /team !CoHost before starting.

slock the server using :slock

[HOST]: :sm Amenities! Welcome to today’s training session, I am your Host [NAME]!
[CO-HOST]: :sm Commendations! I am your Co-Host [NAME]!

[HOST]: :sm I kindly ask that you refrain from talking during this part of the session! Due to PTS (Permission to speak) being enabled.
[HOST]: :sm Firstly we will cover all rules required to pass today’s session!
[HOST]: :sm I kindly ask my Co-Host to state the rules in the following text!

[CO-HOST]: :sm I - If you need to go AFK (Away from keyboard) at any times within the session, notify your trainer before going AFK.
[CO-HOST]: :sm II - If you fail, don’t rage at your trainer. If needed talk this through.
[CO-HOST]: :sm III - Grammar is needed from all ranks, including Co-Founder within this session, professionalism is key.
[CO-HOST]: :sm IV - Follow all instructions given by your trainers.
[CO-HOST]: :sm V - Lastly, try you hardest and do your best! C:

[HOST]: :sm I kindly ask that all trainers and trainees now make their way to the doors on the upper right due to them being unlocked as of now.

wait for everyone to be in position

[CO-HOST]: :sm Let the training commence! Good luck!


[TRAINER]: Venerations! I am [NAME], I will be your trainer for today.
[HELPER]: Denominations, I am [NAME]! I will be assisting throughout this training, I wish you only the best of luck with your efforts within this training today!

[TRAINER]: My helper will now go through some crucial tips required to pass this session.
[HELPER]: I - Upon meeting a troller you are to give them III warnings then you should get a HR+ to remove them from the game.
[HELPER]: II - Exploiters should be pbanned, call a HR+ for assistance.
[HELPER]: III - To make a food item, grab the tray > fridge > oven > icing.

[TRAINER]: Now! I kindly ask that you make your way to the desk located behind you.

move up

[TRAINER]: This training will consist of III sections! Greeting Checks, Simulations, Trivia.
[TRAINER]: We will start with a greeting check, my helper will go around and check all of your greetings and correct them if needed,
[TRAINER]: A greeting should be along the lines of something such as this: Hola! Welcome to DD! I am [USERNAME], how can I help you on this amazing day today? <3
[TRAINER]: Please get and state your greetings! Take your time!

[HELPER]: Please note, you are not under any pressure! Take your time.

  • Grade greetings and serving, use the change command to change the players points +3.
    If failed the serving or greeting +2.

[HELPER]: Heya! Could I please have a vanilla donut?
[HELPER]: Holaaa! Could I please have watermelon juice?
HELPER]: Yayayay! Can I have a donut of your specific choice?

[TRAINER]: Guess what!
[TRAINER]: It’s sunny with a chance of simulations!
[TRAINER]: We will firstly start with a trolling simulator, either I or my helper will approach you! Upon approach you are expected to provide them with a greeting then continue onward.
[TRAINER]: Let’s commence!

  • Start the simulation (Troller & Exploiter)
  • Grade simulations, use the change command to change the players points +2.
    If failed the exploiter or troller +1

[TRAINER]: It’s that time, trivia!
[TRAINER]: My helper will private message you a series of questions, you are required to answer them best as you can! Good luck!

[HELPER]: :pm %Group What happens if an exploiter joins the game?
[HELPER]: :pm %Group How would you make a milkshake?
[HELPER]: :pm %Group What would you do if there was a troller?
[HELPER]: :pm %Group If something isn’t working, what would you do? (Please note you should use the help button and tell that it doesn’t work ontop of what you say to the customer)

  • If points are 2 or under say:
    :kick [USER] Uh oh! I am disheartened to say you have failed this session, if you have any issues please contact a SR! We hope to see you next training for a fresh attempt!

  • If points are 3+ say:

[TRAINER]: Guess what!
[TRAINER]: You passed!
[TRAINER]: Congratulations, we welcome you to our staff team!

/e cheer

Punishment Directory

Hey there! This is mainly for HR+, although you are free to read it to check if your punishment is in accordance to this! Punishments may be slightly edited with permission from a Head of Staff+.


Minor: Kick from server & Staff warning using the !!dm command.
Medium: Server Ban & Termination
Maximum: Pban & Termination

Trolling: Suspension with included kick
Exploiting: Instant pban and termination

Minor: Staff Warning
Medium: Suspension

Discord ban & Termination.

Termination & Pban

Blacklist (DM or Ping ExplorerJulian)

Blacklist (DM or Ping ExplorerJulian)

Rank Cooldowns

Rank cooldowns will be in place for all ranks and can only be bypassed by Board Committee+ with permission from the Board Leader+.

LR = 2 days
MR = 4 days
HR = 1 week
SHR = 2 weeks
SR = 2 weeks

Rank leaders for the specific rank category will be counted as the same, none higher. Example: LR Leader is LR

Abuse Guides

There are blacklisted commands and commands that are only to be used by certain ranks, you are to ensure that you are reading this and ensure to be following it at all times unless given permission from BC+ to do otherwise.

Please note that any commands used with “all” will be considered medium abuse regardless of what command it is.

respawn: Can be used, “all” will be abuse.
ref: Can be used, “all” will be abuse.
kick: MUST include a reasoning, any abuse of this will be considered maximum abuse.
ban: Should only be used for spam or if a player has been kicked 3 times, “all” will result in a pban.
pban: Should be used on exploiters or maximum abuse, for anything other seek permission from Head of Staff+.
unban: Shouldn’t really be used unless fixing up abuse or accidental bans.
sm: Shouldn’t be used at all, used “m” instead.
m: Displays a message to the server including your name. (Should only be used for shifts or important announcements)
h: Displays a smaller message to the server, should be used for less important announcements.
superadmin, admin, mod: Do NOT use at any times unless promoting to a rank with the specific admin, include “promoted” at the end of it or it may be considered abuse.
shutdown: Should not be used unless given permission from a BC+
slock: Shouldn’t be used, it is allowed to prevent raids.
unslock: Should only be used to resolve abuse
unadmin: Should only be used for medium abuse+ or if the user has been terminated/suspended.
team: Shouldn’t be used unless promoted.
gear: Considered maximum abuse
hat: Considered medium abuse
btools: Considered maximum abuse
segway: Can be used by HOS+
speed, ws: Considered maximum AA
god, ungod: Shouldn’t be used, doesn’t change much.
music/play: Maximum abuse
give: Should NOT be used
time: Maximum abuse
name: Medium abuse
jumppower: Maximum abuse
insert: Maximum AA
crash: Maximum AA
fly, unfly: Can be used by BC+

Please note: Board committee+ can bypass any of these rules. (Excluding insert and crash)

We kindly thank you for taking your time to read this and agreeing to follow all our rules.