Handle raycasting and magnitude on client or server?

Making a PVP game and I’ll be using magnitude and raycasting, which should it be handled on?

I suggest client side, mainly because when you’re using raycast or magnitude its almost always looping > doing that client side makes it a lot easier since you dont need the magnitude or raycast to be looping for everyone, just the specific person using the skill/weapon. I usually will do client > server > server sends skill active request to client and client starts magnitude loop > if found something sends request back to server, but you can do whatever feels better to you.

What would other players see? I also want to make it fair and I don’t want anyone complaining about bad detection.

well you only need to do the detection client side > once that happens send the request to the server to finish the skill off. So everything would seem normal regardless if its server or client > but client would just be faster on reacting.