Handling multiple Ordered Data Store requests [STILL NOT FIXED]

I’m trying to script one of those Time Trial games. When a player completes an obby their personal best is recorded in a data store for that specific stage. Every (time interval) the PBs of all the players is compared and then the leaderboards are updated. When there was just 1 stage it worked fine, but when multiple stages were introduced with their own data stores and leaderboards this error started popping up:


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Save a table of the values and order those values when you display the data. This makes it so you only have to save one thing instead of 10.


Can you please elabourate? How would I differentiate the data between stages?

Still not solved, if you have any solutions please feel free to lmk.

Still not fixed [3/1/2022] If anyone has any clue on how to fix this please lmk as I desperately need a solution.

Use keys. So DataToSave[“Stage 1”] = DATA for example…

You can’t do that in ordered data stores.

No, use a normal or global data store.

But then how will I order it if I order a normal global data store?

When you have a table of the data, sort it from least to greatest. You can use table.sort() for this.