Handyman Version 2.8 Update Log


  • Collect candy to trade for exclusive Halloween items!
  • Opulent technology has finally cracked the code to the opulent pickaxe!
  • Creative mode now has half a baseplate instead of grass.
  • You can now pick up multiple items in a stack from inventory slots by holding your hand over the stack for a bit (quick selling!).
  • Map and characters given a Halloween theme.
  • Added a coin game (win/lose coins playing).
  • When purchasing an item, the item description will read the price instead of the items description.
  • New accessory slot.
  • Added a sound for when your coin count changes.
  • Added new keys at the auto shop.
  • Added the stump house.
  • Added the brick.


  • All stackable items can now be stacked to 999.
  • The gauntlets have moved.
  • Removed some idle animations that interfered with gameplay.
  • Randomer item shop items have been more randomized.
  • Clear skies are now more common.


  • Dialogue fixes.
  • fixed tutorial
  • other minor bugfixes
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