Harbour Coast Hotel & Resort | Training Guides

Harbour Coast Hotel & Resort | Training Guides
Written by SHR Team

General information:

Training sessions should be announced 30 minutes before the starting time.

Please announce on BOTH roblox group shout and discord 30 minutes before the training starts.

The host and co-host should be at the Training Center 25 minutes before the training starts.

MRs are to stand at the line assigned to them while HRs are to go around and name people.

MRs can help out in training and only HR+ can be the trainers.

A training session must have a SHR to oversee the session. Only SHRs have permission to rank.


Naming of trainee:

C | Trainee

S | Trainee

R | Trainee


Naming of staff:

C | Helper

S | Helper

R | Helper


Host Guide

Hosting Guides

Host Guide

sm Salutations everyone! I am (name), your host and (name), your co-host for this training session.

sm Before we begin the training, there will be some information you will need to know.

sm I | Please ensure to use grammar at all times, failure to do so will result in a demotion.

sm II | Please stay professional at all times. Do not troll, be rude to guests or you will be suspended.

sm III | Advertising in Harbour Coast Hotel is prohibited and if you are caught advertising, you will be demoted.

sm IV | Please be respectful to each and everyone of us. If you are caught disrespecting, you will be suspended.

sm V | Hinting is not allowed, if you caught hinting for a promotion, you will be suspended or a demoted if severe.

sm This concludes the information section, the co-host will now take over the next section.


Co-Host Guide

sm Please listen carefully to avoid any confusion as we will now be spitting you into different rooms.

sm The Receptionist room is on your right side while the Security and Chef room is on your left.

sm Please head to the room you are training for. Once you are in the room, please listen to your trainers.

sm Your trainers and helpers have taken their time down to help out, ensuring that you will get trained.

smTrainers may now begin, good luck to all trainees!

Chef Guides

Chef Guides

Adorations! My name is (name) and i will be you’re chef trainer.

Before we begin, do you have any question to ask?
(If they have any, please answer it politely.)

Fantastic! We will now begin with the information section, followed by the test section later on.

In the information section, you will learn how to deal with different kinds of situations and the role of a Chef.

The role of a Chef is to serve food and drinks to the guests, you must not let the guests wait too long.

You are allowed to work at the Receptionist as long as you have a permission by an MR+.

We will now move on to the next part of the section which you will learn how to deal with situations.

While working at the hotel, you will face different kinds of situations such as trollers, exploiters and many more.

When you encounter trollers, tell the trollers to stop trolling. If they continue, give them III warnings and call for a MR+ to remove the trollers from the server.

When you warn someone, please use the warning format or it will be counted as invalid.

The format is: W I | (troller’s username) | (reason).

When you encounter an exploiter, take a screenshot as evidence of the exploiter exploiting and call for a HR+ immediately.

If you encounter a tool abuser or admin abuser, take a screenshot of them abusing and send it to a MR+.

You can call for a MR+ from our group wall or communication server.

This concludes the information section, we will now proceed on to the test section.

In the test section, we will test you on your ability to deal with situations you have which were explained in the information section earlier.

Helpers will now go around and test you on the troller test. Please begin when you are ready!


Now, helpers will go around and test you on the exploiter test, please begin!


Congratulations on finishing the whole training session, please follow me to be evaluated by the SHRs.