Harvest Season - Client-Side Developer and Designer

Hello! Some of you may have heard about a project I have been working on for quite some time: Harvest Season. The game is already in a playable alpha state but we need someone to come on and work on the player side of the game! I will be handling on the back end scripting, project management, and content management and Demjot will still be available for 3D assets and content. We need you to work on GUIs, player side scripts, and any other design on the client side of the game.


  • Experience designing comfortable and attractive UI
  • Basic experience with Lua code
  • Understanding of Filtering Enabled
  • Ability to manage work through Trello
  • Willingness to work with a team


  • Design easy to use UI
  • Produce UI assets
  • Discuss and help design client-server communication


  • Lump sum after initial work (25-50k R$)
  • Percentage of game earnings through group payout (20-30%)

Example Tasks

  • Redesign shop GUIs
  • Redesign item interaction menu
  • Create job (missions/tasks) GUI

Payout is variable as I am willing to accept varying levels of experience in terms of coding. I will be handling all the back-end development and coding and I am willing to work on client side code if I need to. Message me or reply to this topic if you are interested or have any questions!


i will also add a moldy sandwich from my computer bag as payment, thank you.

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