Has AnimationTrack.Lenghth stopped working?

I am sending a string with the name of an animation, that is located in ReplicatedStorage

The client gets the name, finds the animation in ReplicatedStorage, then assigns it to ‘animation’

then with…

local track = Animator:LoadAnimation(animation)
while track.Length == 0 do wait() end

it never breaks out of this loop

I even tried to use the depreciated Humanoid:LoadAnimation, but still the same results.
animation is a valid animation instance, and no errors are thrown.

So… has something changed?
Edit: Could it be that I am in a team create place, and the game is under a group?

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So dumb… :frowning: The animations were made by someone else, and I never actually looked at them in the editor, they had a ‘start’ but no ‘end’, so they were literally size 0

That will teach me to always double check work that I outsource.