Hashtagging of people with privacy mode enabled

It is insanely hard to understand feedback from people with privacy mode enabled as their messages/posts are always littered with hashtags.

I propose that if you have a 13+ account, you can view these messages uncensored (as if a 13+ account posted them, so swear words are still censored).

This probably isn’t possible, but would make feedback from certain users a lot easier

It makes absolutely no sense to me why it sensors their message for everyone else. Their the one that needs to see moderated content, not me. I just don’t understand.

That would make it possible for a child to give away personal information

ROBLOX already hashes passwords regardless of the account age. Everything else doesn’t even matter. Also, 13 year olds are just as prone to giving out that information as 12 year olds.

I believe this kind of thing is more for COPPA compliance than actual execution. It’s supposed to block younger users from inadvertently giving away personal information.