Have errors in output link to scripts in StarterPlayerScripts, StarterCharacterScripts & StarterGui


The issue

As a scripter, I use StarterPlayerScripts and StarterGui quite a lot. StarterCharacterScripts, not so much, but it’s still relevant.

It is quite annoying and disrupting to my workflow when I get errors in PlayerGui, PlayerScripts and the character & not being able to link to them from the output like scripts in persistent locations (e.g. ServerScriptService).


This will open the script when I click on the error:

But this won’t:


We already have core support for this feature, as the current linking system can already go through trees of objects (i.e. ServerScriptService -> Script -> ModuleScript) and it can obviously not have any issues when the script being looked for does not exist.

All that needs to be done (to my knowledge) is to make PlayerScripts, PlayerGui and Character be given a backup object to look in, in StarterPlayerScripts, StarterGui and StarterCharacterScripts respectively.

Thanks (: