Have I made my game Fall of Hell too hard?

I just created a game and I think I’ve made it too hard. People keep dying on the first stage which I designed to be extremely easy to complete. Watching people die so early makes me really frustraded :confused: I’ve made it a lot easier and people are now making it through the first obstacles, but hit a roadblock on the harder ones. Also, a lot of people are jumping down and don’t even move which makes me think their graphics are on low and the map isn’t loading?

When I was testing it, I found the difficulty to be okay. It was definitely possible for me, but maybe that’s because I created the game.

If you can play for a few minutes to help me, that would be great. Telling me which stage you died on, which stages I should make easier and if it’s too hard would be a great help!


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The game most definitely gives a challenge I’ll say that. The checkered layer on the other hand is pretty difficult, as it requires some good reaction time but it’s possible. In my opinion the game isn’t too hard (unless your new to dropper games), but it most certainly gives a challenge to well-rounded players.

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Some levels are. But this game is so much fun. :laughing:

Lots of users are enjoying your game. In my server there were about 10 people.

It was actually pretty easy…until the checkered area.
Its fun, though
its easy until the areas with so much crowding…
Add an option to remove darkmode :wink:

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What audience are you aiming for? If you’re aiming for children below 10 consider making the stages easier because most children can’t complete extremely hard stages. Children also have shorter patience levels and are more likely to quit the game if they die a lot. If your game is aiming for teens and/or adults, you can make it a little harder. (But keep in mind that most of Roblox uses mobile, so still don’t make the stages too hard) :grinning:

I played the game earlier and one issue I had was the contrast between parts. It was really hard to see where parts were and how close you were to them, so maybe consider changing the part materials and colors?

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On the checkers, you can move to the next checker. Try increasing the speed.

Remove the stage with the spinning wheels. That stage is based on luck, not skill.

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I would increase the player’s horizontal speed while falling if you were aiming for an easier experience.

Some levels are though.
The first and second levels were like a typcial dropper.
The checkers… ooooooooofffffff

I tested the game on mobile and low graphics, the players could still see the stages and yeah.
The players i met there were teens and a child that was shouting in the chat (well not too much)

That’s all i could say

Game is overall well made! However, the checkered level is indeed a little challenging even for me. I would suggest possibly making that stage a little more easier. Still great game!

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It wasn’t hard but you have to start with basics what if player doesn;t know that you can move in air etc

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