Have sounds played in ReplicatedFirst work

C’mon! It’s too perfect for music/ambience systems to not have this feature.

How would this work exactly ? You are aware that ROBLOX is ‘getting’ all assets from the cloud, and basically is downloads them and plays them from the client.

That means that your ambience sound of 10 seconds will take a while to actually load. How ROBLOX handles game assets, this will be a nightmare to do :wink:

That… really isn’t a problem? It might take a while to load from anywhere, I just want to be able to soundInReplicatedFirst:Play() from a Localscript and have it actually play on the client. RF is a great resource for “persistent” local things, and music/ambience is no exemption.

May I ask why you don’t use the PlayerGui for those sounds ? Honestly I don’t see why ReplicatedFirst should be the container for that.

About your comment :
Sorry, I thought that you meant when the Player was loading. As in Loading GUI.

As for a couple of projects where I need sound that does not stop when you respawn, the SoundService is the way to go in my opinion. With FilteringEnabled places, sounds won’t replicate from that service (and they shouldn’t, even if the game is not FE), nor do they get deleted when the content of a PlayerGui is removed (when you respawn).

Yes, it would be a nice feature, I see no problem on this front, but it’s more a nice-to-have than a need-to-have.
More importantly, I would like if we had another solution for ReplicatedFirst, allowing us to instantly display a ScreenGui for players without having to wait for the player’s PlayerGui. The current 0.1-0.3 seconds it takes before we can see our custom GUI just takes too long, and I see that putting the ScreenGui into StarterGui and just having some changes for it for the next time you respawn, is currently a better solution than the limited ReplicatedFirst.

Thanks for the SoundService idea, As8D. Slipped my mind.

EDIT: Never mind, it seems to remove anything in there and replace it with a bunch of stock sounds whenever a player joins. :\

Either dont reset uis on spawn
or (assuming these sounds are not being played from an object position such as a part)
play sounds in the workspace (locally)

I know it sucks to have to dump it in the workspace though

[quote] I know it sucks to have to dump it in the workspace though [/quote]This is basically the biggest reason I’d like this. And it just feels like there’s no reason for it to not work, you know?

Well, let’s take up the fact that you won’t use your Sound before your LocalScript is executed.

This means that you can simply store your Sound-instance inside your LocalScript, wait for it when the script is executed, clone it over to SoundService if there’s no similar sound there, and play the newly cloned sound if there wasn’t already one. Loops even if the player respawns. Works.
(And I can confirm that I am using this method for at least two games/places I’ve been involved in)