Have the ability to edit hit boxes of unions and meshes

With meshes and unions a common thing on roblox, I’m pretty sure that loads of people using them are always fed up of the hit boxes (or collision boxes as some people call them) messing up or being incorrect to what they look like they should be.

I would like to see a feature that would allow users to actually edit the hitbox area so that they can get them acting correctly. Adding this feature would not only mean that you could get the hit boxes to work as expected but also enable some cool features such as:

  • Making parts seem bigger than they are, for example if you have a bridge with players that like to jump off them, instead of adding extra invisible parts, you make the hitbox of one of the bridge parts taller.
  • Part compaction, not needing to add invisible walls everywhere and just extend normal parts.
  • Allowing some parts of one entire union or mesh to not collide whilst other parts do.

I however would say that hit boxes cannot be bigger than normal parts can be, meaning that you can’t have a hit box bigger than a normal 2048 X 2048 X 2048 studs part


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