Having a graphic problem!

Hey their fellow Artists,

So I have begun a graphic logo and have run into an issue in C4D. Also, I am new to this community so I apologise sincerely if I can not ask for support here if it is out of the ROBLOX Platform.

This is a quick gif to tell explain my issue: https://gyazo.com/9d2325dedfba447aad6b8653cbec4ceb

If you can help me with this issue please comment below, thank you in advance. :grinning:

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This has to do with the rig you are using. It sort of bends the elbow when you rotate it. I think there is nothing really you can do about it if you want to use the rig.



Thanks so much for that. I will try it now!

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Still needing help. :confused:

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Your character isn’t sliced into pieces from what I see.

Its just 1 part to make up the arm, and not 3. So you won’t be able to individually move each joint


By this do you mean the bones like this? I am binding the Shoulder, Elbow and Hand. Also please keep in mind the right arm I’m using L Shoulder, L Elbow, L Hand. If I have the wrong impression of what you mean please reply back.! :slightly_smiling_face:


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From that photo, I can guess you’re using a bone rig?

If so, have you went to Character>Commands>Bind and binded the bodyparts correctly?

If you want an example, here ya go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntxX7OYAfE0

Edit: So you’re binding them, but are you selecting the right body parts? To bind to?


Yes, I am doing Character > Commands > Bind. Also, by the ‘right’ body parts you mean the left arm you bind with R Shoulder, R Arm, R Hand and the right arm you bind with L Shoulder, L Arm, L Hand?

I’m not meaning that literal XD

What I meant to say is are you selecting the correct joints with the correct body parts?

For example: Left Arm Joints that are supposed to be selected: L Shoulder, L Elbow, L Hand. Select them all then bind to left arm. Dont do it one by one, it wont work (I think?)

If that doesn’t seem to work, its probably something wrong with the bone rig or the character, or even the whole thing.


I was told you use the right rigs on the left arm, let me try the right arm on the right rigs.

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Still doesn’t work, I’ll try again later or something.

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Howdy, you might maybe also wan’t to check out your weight painting, I’m very new to animating, or specifically rigging though, so all I know is the weight painting determines the maximum amount of vertex deformation that get’s applied to the vertices/faces of your mesh when you move (a) binded bone(s) .

For a simply R6 rig you would wan’t the limbs as unflexible or “stiff” as possible, therefore applying the highest amount of weight paint onto them aka 100% or the least amount so 0%?
one way or the other should work ^^

There might be more convenient alternatives, I’m certain @Aotrou can help you with that, hope I tagged the right person btw, not sure if I did :thinking:

Don’t forget to subdivide your character before binding it with bones.