Having a problem while loading the characters accessory

Hello! So I’ve been experiencing the problem on getplayercharacterasync()
When you loaded it on a server side and put a accessory inside a NPC. It worked but when you put it in a local side it seems to happen like this:
I do not know how to fix this and also I think that it was a problem on the server/local side.
Please help me!

Are you getting any errors in the console?

Nope. Also I found out that the accessory was floating in the air too

This may be a stupid question, and this may mean I’m not the person to help solve this, but what is getplayercharacterasync() a function of? Like what service?

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It is something like a place where all your avatar items gets loaded in. Then you place the accesory into a NPC and gets your avatar

Okay, but what is it a function of, like what are you calling it from? A player, the Players service, UserService, a Humanoid, etc. I just can’t find any reference to it on the DevHub, so I’m just not quite sure what it does.

Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync (roblox.com)
Im pretty sure this’ll help you understand what i mean

1. local appearanceModel = game.Players:GetCharacterAppearanceAsync(772462) --get a data
2. appearanceModel.Parent = game.Workspace --the data was loaded in workspace

Also the serverside worked but not the local side

This function is deprecated, that may be what it causing you issues. I’d recommend using HumanoidDescriptions. You can get the players humanoidDescription by either using:
It depends on what you are trying to do. Then you can use:
on the humanoid of the other characters.

Does it worked with the NPC and local side?

I am pretty sure you can’t load a player into an NPC through local scripts. I would have model of the NPC in ReplicatedStorage, create a folder in Player in PlayerService. Then, I would just Clone the NPC and put it into that folder. Then using a normal script, just load the character into the Cloned NPC. Then when you want to use the character, you can always clone that loaded player and place it in workspace.
Hope this helps!

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Yes. It should work with the NPC if the NPC has a humanoidDescription, and it should work local side. I don’t think the Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId works on local (it may though), but the humanoid one should work.

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Im trying to make a local side character to thank players who played my game so i think it must be in a local side XD

Thanks I’ll give it a try! I’ll be reporting back what i got!

It doesnt work :frowning:

It doesn’t have to be a local script. I myself have used it before. I can help you in dms if you need the scripts.

This is what I was saying. You can’t load it in a local script.

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