Having a rifle in the inventory and a pistol makes animation bugs using FE Gun Kit (FIXED)

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An gun system using FE Gun Kit.

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Looking to see if there’s something wrong with the animations.

Reading the script again to see if there’s something wrong with my script, didn’t find anything but I think that’s what the problem is.

Because you didn’t stop the old animation between every time you call the new animation. Overwriting animations can cause buggy animations.

There’s no old animation playing, in my unjam script it disables aiming and idle and every other animation then after the unjam is done it plays the idle script. But, the problem is that it plays the pistol’s idle not the rifle’s idle if a pistol is in the inventory.

Check the animation ID.


Already did 5 times as I said, I already checked. If the pistol isn’t in the inventory and I unjam the rifle, the correct animations play , but if the pistol is in the inventory , the correct animations don’t play.

Wrong animations play instead (the pistol idle)

Turns out u have to add CommonVariables.ActuallyEquipped to ur functions.

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