Having additional analytics kept inside Developer Stats

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to get a good understanding of your games player base. While the Developer Stats tab is a good feature, it lacks in a lot of demographics that could be helpful in enhancing a developers understanding of who is actually playing their games and how they could potentially go about making changes to cater for a wider audience.

This problem I feel as resulted in a number of people resorting to third party sites to track analytics and data for their games, and while there’s nothing wrong with doing that, it can be quite hard for less advanced developers (like myself) to be trying to implement third party sites into your analytics.

When starting a project, I always like to figure out the demographic I’m aiming my game towards. Age, gender, culture, etc. Currently I can only see the age of players playing my game.

Two prominent additions I would love to see added are Gender and Country.

Let’s start with Gender:
If a developer could see that maybe only 5-10% of their player base is female, they could implement features to get more girls to play their game, thus increasing their overall player count. I know some games try to be cater strongly towards a certain gender, but when games are enjoyable to both sides, it increases how many people will actually want to play your game, and maybe come back and play again.

Country: With localisation being highly recommended to implement into your game, it can be hard to know exactly what languages would be needed to actually see an increase in players. I wouldn’t want to put the money towards hiring a translator to translate it into a language if nobody who speaks that language actually plays my game. If I was to be able to see that say 30% of players were from Spanish speaking countries, I’d know that having it localised to Spanish would boost that number even more.

Few other ideas:

  • Retention - being able to see how many players actually play a second time, how long they play for
  • Better information for purchases (if a gamepass was purchased from the Games page or from within the game)
  • Having the purchases take into account the tax that is taken from them