Having animation problems

ok so its a problem with the animation it’s a bit tough to explain but i will do my best

ok so its a problem with the rotation tool, so to show you exactly what i mean, go onto roblox studio and take a part and rotate it so it’s about 45 degrees now let’s say you need to flip it so the top needs to be on the bottom and the bottom needs to be on the top, so flipping it over but if you do it quickly, there will be no difference, the problem is when you try to do it, it will be rotated the wrong way and sure you can rotate it so it’s close but if you are doing those in animations, it will seem really… well… just horrible so how would i make it so it rotates better because i am trying to get an animation where a player equips a lightsaber and the character grabs it, then turns it on while spinning it around and when rotating the hand around to make the lightsaber spin, it displaces the arm and moves it around and moving it back would be a pain and make it look bad

thanks for reading this far i hope someone has an answer and i also understand if you don’t understand what my problem is, as it’s a bit confusing to describe

EDIT: here are some pictures!
ok so when you have a part and rotate it about 45 degrees
then you rotate it on its side in an attempt to switch the top and bottom
as you can see it displaces it, and when you are doing animations, that can be very bad

haha i did it without ur help and because you didn’t help me i wont tell u… FIIIIIINEE i’ll tell u, its ctrl L when rotating