Having issues with a .position script

I am trying to modify a collecting system (credit to rewtoy2015, wer on youtube: Harvest System[For Free] v0.1.3 (youtube.com)), and whenever the plant spawns, it floats. [I customized the plant to be a tree].
I have tried adding a simple system that makes the object not float using Vector3, however if I add it before, it simply does not work and still stays floating, and if I add it after, the system breaks after it spawns once.

local SpawnLocate = workspace.TreeFolder.SpawnTree

while wait(2) do
	if SpawnLocate.SpawnValue.Value == false then
		local Tree= game.ServerStorage.TreeStorage.OakTree:Clone()
		Tree.Parent = SpawnLocate
		Tree.Position = SpawnLocate.Position
                Tree.Position = Vector3.new(0,0,0) -- what I am trying to add
		SpawnLocate.SpawnValue.Value = true
	if not SpawnLocate:FindFirstChild("OakTree") then
		SpawnLocate.SpawnValue.Value = false

“Workspace.TreeFolder.SpawnTree.OakTree.Prompt.Script:28: attempt to index nil with ‘Destroy’”

set the Y position of the tree to 0 after cloning it and setting its initial position

Tree.Position = Vector3.new(Tree.Position.X, 0, Tree.Position.Z)
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Thank you! I just started developing games again and forgot part of coding, it works perfectly now.

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