Having issues with align orientation and align position in my VR game

I’m trying to use align position and orientation in my VR game on the client side so hand collisions work, but it gets very glitchy once the hands start colliding with objects. Like the hand will just start spasming on the side of the part. I’ve tried tampering with the responsiveness and max velocity settings, but it doesn’t change anything really. I’d appreciate it if someone could help me. For more information refer to the block of code below:

    local alignOri1 = Instance.new("AlignOrientation", character["Left Arm"])
    local alignPos1 = Instance.new("AlignPosition", character["Left Arm"])
	local att1 = Instance.new("Attachment", character["Left Arm"])
	alignOri1.Mode = Enum.OrientationAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
	alignPos1.Mode = Enum.PositionAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
	alignOri1.Responsiveness = 200
	alignPos1.Responsiveness = 200
	alignOri1.MaxAngularVelocity = math.huge
	alignPos1.MaxVelocity = math.huge
	alignOri1.Attachment0 = att1
	alignPos1.Attachment0 = att1
	local alignOri2 = Instance.new("AlignOrientation", character["Right Arm"])
	local alignPos2 = Instance.new("AlignPosition", character["Right Arm"])
	local att2 = Instance.new("Attachment", character["Right Arm"])
	alignOri2.Mode = Enum.OrientationAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
	alignPos2.Mode = Enum.PositionAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
	alignOri2.Responsiveness = 200
	alignPos2.Responsiveness = 200
	alignOri2.MaxAngularVelocity = math.huge
	alignPos2.MaxVelocity = math.huge
	alignOri2.Attachment0 = att2
	alignPos2.Attachment0 = att2

If there’s a better way to do this than using these constraints I would love to know.

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You can change thier CFrame every Heartbeat, however it will make your hands go through walls.

I can’t say this for entirely sure, but setting forces to infinity is what could be causing this problem.

Try setting them to something large, but not infinity, like 100000. Experiment to figure out what the minimum amount of force is to make it work, because the lower the force, the less physics glitches you get like this, since Roblox really doesn’t like huge forces.

It was glitching before I changed the force, and if the responsiveness wasn’t 200 the hands would stutter while I moved them. I can change it back to the default but it doesn’t fix the issue