Having issues with animations not playing?

So I generally have absolutely no idea where to put this, is doesn’t appear to be a coding issue or an animation issue, it just appears to be some kind of bug. Just incase here is my code:

--// I have other lines of code identical to this, no reason this one shouldn't work
Animations.Shield.Hold = Animator:LoadAnimation(script.Animations.Shield.Hold)

if Character:FindFirstChild("shield") then
	--// Animation is 1 second but this prints false??

--// Zero erros, too.

Essentially, my animation simply isn’t playing unless if I play it every frame, as if the animation is only 1 frame even though its a 1 second looping animation.

(Animation Priority is 3, and it is looped)

(Only 1 result for “Hold:” in the entire script)

There are no other animations overwriting it and nothing stopping it, there is literally no reason this shouldn’t play.

Reuploading the animation, changing its priority and uploading it as an entirely new animation AND entirely making new keyframes have not fixed the issue.

Is my code wrong or what? What can I do?

Can’t you just use a variable to store the Animation Track?

local shieldHoldAnim = Animator:LoadAnimation(script.Animations.Shield.Hold)
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That’s essentially what I’m doing, its just being stored in a table as there are many animations to load and play whenever, and I don’t want my variables getting cluttered with animations.

Also, that method did not fix the issue, I did however find a fix of just adding a task.wait(0.1) before playing the animation GOD I love scripting.

Seriously, never had an issue like this. Dumbest thing by far that I’ve encountered while scripting.

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