Having issues with the old BodyMovers

Greetings. So for quite awhile now I’ve been having issues with my models, in them I use both BodyPosition and BodyGyros. Hard to explain what exactly is going on, but I’ve been told that these are issues from the BodyMovers themselves, and it appears like that statement is totally true. As there’s so many rendering issues when my models move, and sometimes they spin like crazy, and sometimes they actually never move but yet the pins still appear. So I’ve been thinking about redoing them to work with the new physics movers, however, I’m not sure how I’d be able to do that. I posted a post similar to this awhile back, but never received any follow-up help on how to get started on doing this.

Basically, my models are welded together, and I use BodyPosition to move it around where ever I want it to go, and I also use a Gyro to maintain it’s orientation as it moves. Same goes for the other model. Not really sure how I could recreate this to work with the new physics mover, in the same manner, as it seems quite different and requires two attachments to even work.

Any help or instruction on how I could recreate this to work with the more reliable physics movers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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What are you trying to move exactly?

In a nutshell, two models both of which have multiple parts, and are welded together.

I believe the replacement constraints you’re looking for are AlignPosition and AlignOrientation. You can set Attachment0 to be the middle position of your model (or the point which should align) and Attachment1 to be the target position.

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Thanks! I’ll mess around with this.