Having more space then needed in a scrolling frame

Hello everyone,

I’m using a scrolling frame for my game. Everything works well except the fact that there is a lot of unnecessary space down there.

I have searched a lot and what I find commonly is to change the canvas size. But the problem with this is that it changes the UI inside it and makes smaller.

Is there any other way I can approach this? Thank you


You could add UISizeConstraint or UIAspectRatioConstraint to the contents of the scrolling frame, that should keep them same size even when you change the canvas size.

Sadly that doesn’t work. The UI still change even with those too

For things like this, use Offset instead of Scale.

You use Scale when you want to relate to the size of the parent element.
You use Offset for absolute sizes.

If you’re using a tool to convert Offset to Scale, don’t. To make good UI, you need both.