Hazardos Inc. Security Department Rules.

– Directed by Hazardos.

Section 1 - Ethics

  • All security personnel are to remain polite at all times. Even warnings of misbehaving personnel should be polite.

  • Keep your personal space. You may warn people, except other security members, that are too close to you with phrases such as “Back off”.

  • While on duty, wear realistic skin tone and accessories. If your security rank is |L1| or higher, you are required to wear the security hat or RIOT helmet. While wearing official security hats, no other hats may be equiped. Clipping hair is permitted.

  • No testing subjects are permitted to wander around the facility freely. If you find a wandering testing subject, you are to escort them to testing subjects cells. If the testing subject rejects to be escorted or attempts to flee, you may terminate them without warning.

  • When talking to Security Supervisors or higher-ranked security personnel, decency is required.

  • All security personnel with rank |L1| and above must wear no package while on duty.

  • All security members are to obey all orders from their supervisors or higher-ranked personnel. Only exception is if the orders are in conflict with the Security Rules. However, if the order comes from personnel with security rank |L8| and above, the order must be executed anyways.

  • The personnel are to be formally warned three times before they are designated for termination due to their misbehaviour. After the third warning termination may occur. Security personnel with security rank |L5| and above, may terminate misbehaving personnel after first warning. In special circumstances or in case of emergency, termination may occur immediately. (Armed personnel with no permission of using weaponry, intentionally attempting AND succeeding to cause disasters and system failures. Any hostile units are to be terminated on sight.)

  • For formal reasons, when security personnel are on any site or in any Hazardos Inc. Facility, they are required to wear the security uniforms.

  • Hazardos Inc. Security Personnel must never, under no circumstances team up with any hostile forces. Breaking this rule is followed by an immediate exclusion.

  • All security personnel must not spread any kind of infection. All infected or ill personnel are to be transported to Medbay. If any zombified personnel are found, they are to be terminated on sight.

  • For formal reasons, all personnel with higher security rank are to be adressed according to their rank at all times.

  • Security personnel with rank |L5| and above may issue Code Black Directive, in case of emergency.
    – Code Black Directive description:
    - Security personnel may lock down Gate Alpha lift controls and keep it at lower platform until security personnel with rank |L5| and above order departure. This feature is used to ensure same chance of evacuation for everyone within HIURL.
    - After ordering final departure Gate Alpha controls can be locked down and sealed.
    Section 2 - Armament regulations

  • Only security personnel that are permitted to carry firearms are units with security rank |L4| and above. All lower-ranked personnel are equipped with a batton.

  • Only security personnel and Facility Administrators are permitted to carry a weapon. Any other armed personnel are to be terminated on sight.

  • Only security personnel with security rank |L6| and above with a senseful reason is allowed to order not terminating any armed or misbehaving personnel.

  • You may terminate misbehaving personnel after the third warning, or after the first warning, if your security rank is |L5| and above. Security supervisors may terminate anyone immediately.

  • All misbehaving personnel are to be warned three times after each death. However, if misbehaving personnel reach warning 7 in total, security personnel with rank |L5| and above may issue KoS (Kill on Sight).

  • Under no circumstances, security personnel must never assault or threaten other security personnel or any Hazardos Inc. Personnel. Testing Subjects and misbehaving personnel are the only exception.

Assaulting Hazardos Inc. Personnel is followed by immediate exclusion.

Section 3 - Security tryouts

Notice. After reaching security rank |L5|, you not only need the requested amount of chevrons for promotion, but you also have to pass a security tryout. Same goes with promotion from |L7| to |L8|, except the tryout is more difficult.

  • How can I join the tryout? To join the tryout, you have to join Hazardos Inc. Security Department Discord server and await scheduled tryout.

To access H.I.S.D. Discord server, use following invite code: yNZsrkNAn6

- |L6| Admission tryout
This security tryout consists of three phases - PvP, Agility test and quicktyping & grammar test.

- |L8| Admission tryout
This security tryout consists of seven phases. Further details will be added at the tryout itself.

Section 4 - Exclusion Rules

  • First exclusion — You may rejoin after a month.
  • Second exclusion — You may rejoin after a month.
  • Third exclusion — You may rejoin after two months.
  • Fourth exclusion — You may not rejoin.