Hazardos Security Department Rules

Section 1 - Ethics

1.1 While on duty, wear realistic skin tone, animation and accessories.

1.2 All security personnel are to remain polite at all times. Even warnings of misbehaving personnel should be polite.

1.3 When talking to Security Supervisors or higher-ranked security personnel, you are to address them accordingly to their rank (i.e. Director Hazardos, Instructor Ardonix…).

1.4 All security personnel must not wear package while on duty. Use blocky character compatible with the ballistic vests. Wear the security uniform and ballistic vest at all times while on duty.

1.5 Hazardos Inc. Security Department personnel must never, under no circumstances team up with any hostile forces while on security team. Breaking this rule is followed by an immediate exclusion.

1.6 All security personnel with rank |L4| and above are permitted to host a Server vote, unless there has already been one hosted. While doing so, send following message into public chat:
"|SECURITY SERVER VOTE| Please send a message containing a letter, relevant to your desired event: [M] - Meltdown, [S] - Shutdown, [P] - Preservation."
1.6.1 After you send the message, wait 30 seconds and then count the score and announce the vote result. Note that only one and only the first vote sent by each player counts. That means, if someone is spamming letters, only the first one counts. If the letters are various, take the first letter as the one that counts. Upon announcing the result of the server vote, you are permitted to commit the respective event. You may warn anyone for not following the server vote.

1.7 All security personnel on duty must use full grammar while speaking in public chat.

Section 2 - Warning system and Armament regulations

2.1 Any hostile units must be killed on sight.

2.2 Players are to be formally warned three times before they are designated for termination due to their misbehaviour. After the third warning termination may occur.

2.3 After ninth warning is issued, security guards with rank |L4| and above may mark the one who is warned as “KoS” (Kill on Sight). As soon as they leave the game, they are no longer KoS. (If they rejoin, they are still KoS).

2.5 Only personnel allowed to carry weapons are; Site security personnel, Administration personnel, Shift overseer (requires gamepass, Shift overseer gets a gun that only damages hostiles).

2.6 Security supervisors and Administrators may terminate anyone immediately.

2.7 Security personnel must never assault or threaten other Hazardos Inc. personnel and visitors. Testing Subjects and misbehaving personnel and visitors are the only exception.

2.8 Testing subjects are disallowed to roam freely around the facility. They may exit the cells area only when escorted by Hazardos Inc. personnel or when allowed to by Administrators.

2.9 Security personnel must protect the facility at all costs. They must keep the reactor around safe levels (approximately from 500 K to 2 000 K). Only exception is when there is a Server Vote, issued either by Administrators or higher ranked security. More details about Server Vote hosted by security personnel can be read in rule 1.6.

2.10 All security personnel are obliged to activate the reactor emergency safeguard when necessary, unless there is a Server Vote that has resulted in Meltdown or Shutdown.

2.11 The top priority task is maintaining the Omega Warhead offline, unless instructed otherwise by Administrators. When the Omega Warhead arming sequence begins, you must immediately make your way to Omega Warhead Silo (can be accessed via elevator in Bottomside Security HQ) and disable the arming sequence.

2.12 The entire area in Sublevel - 3 (Warhead area) is a KoS zone. You may kill anyone who is present there. Exception are: Administrators and other security personnel.

Section 3 - Security trainings

3.1 All security personnel are permitted to join any security training or supervised patrol, when it is being hosted by HSD high ranks.

3.2 On the trainings, always STS in the designated area, unless told otherwise.

3.3 On the trainings, PTS is always in effect, unless told otherwise.

3.4 Over usage of PTS may and will get you muted.

3.5 Always comply with the training instructor’s orders. Misconducts may and will get you removed from the security training, and may get you exiled.

3.6 All training attendees must wear the uniform.

3.7 Attendees must not complain at trainers for their method of training.

Section 4 - Task Forces

4.1 Prior to unlocking option to join Task Forces, you must reach rank |L6| and pass an entry tryout along with a grammar and rules-knowledge test, or reach rank |L8| and pass a grammar and rules-knowledge test.

4.2 You must be a member of Hazardos Inc. Security Department Discord server (13+) in order to join Task Forces. The link to join the server can be found in the security group’s Social Links tab.

4.3 Remaining rules for Task Forces will not be shown until you pass prerequisites mentioned in rules 4.1 and 4.2.

Section 5 - Exclusion rules

First exclusion — You may rejoin after a month.

Second exclusion — You may rejoin after two months.

Third exclusion — You may rejoin after three months.

Fourth exclusion — You may not rejoin.