Health is not a valid member of BillboardGui "BillboardGui"

So i got a custom health/billboard gui, But for some reason it gives me this error:
How do i fix this?

Well first make sure a child called “Health” actually exists and if it does maybe try using WaitForChild()?

Still get the same error.
I have used FindFirstChild() and WaitForChild(), And i still have the same error

Well the “Health” object doesn’t exist, which can be because you didn’t add it, it’s getting deleted for some reason, you named it incorrectly or you’re getting the wrong BillboardGui.

Could you share the code and the explorer view on “BillboardGui”

What’s the script?


Try to use task.wait right before the local/script Line.

Why is it giving you an error?

  1. It could be that the Health is not the its name.

  2. You probably did:

game.StarterPlayer.StarterCharacterPlayer.BillboardGui.Health.Name = "TextLabel"
  1. The game starts way too quickly.

Here is the image.

Make the script a local script. (Use the plugin ReClass)

Uh, why would you need a plugin to do that? If they use server-sided only stuff that would mess up the script lol.

Only local scripts can control UI elements, the script needs to be a local script. Use the plugin ReClass to convert instances class to class.

If only local scripts can control UI elements (according to you), then why can I control one from a server script? Because they CAN be controlled from a server script.

Plus, even if you wanted to convert a class, you don’t need to install a plugin to do it.

Are you able to show the code?

But you shouldnt, doing that is a horrible practice and can reduce the amount of features with UI objects.

I mean you can do that without a plugin, but if you have attributes and children to also move then it will be a pain which is where the plugin is helpful.

What you are pointing out is not helpful to solving the issue, I am sharing a good practice which can solve future problems, if you really think that using a server script in the client is good, try calling a RemoteEvent with one.

People need to be able to see the UI of others, Yes? That’s why its custom

And that’s also the reason why its in a regular script