Heat effect/blur

I’m making a realistic game, I built a big radiator and I want to have effects like this:

[Heat behind engine]

Is this somehow possible with particles or some kind of plugin?


well you can use smoke and transparency to look like that

That doesn’t really look real good


Possibly DepthOfField when it comes out very soon. But for now, particles are your only choice.

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Do you have any suggestions on what texture I should make/search for? How would a texture for such a blur look like?

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Looks like in the image you provided the heat from exhaust is bending the light behind the jet.

(disclaimer) this idea might generate some lag.

Maybe try spawning several spheres by script with glass material, motion and a transparency just enough that the light bends.


Wow this looks silly don’t do this… lol


maybe you use any shock wave that in google
i think it till help if you don’t. try cloud picture to particle emitter

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It is difficult to achieve a heatwave effect that looks good. I believe that the best way to make one is by using a beam with a zebra or wavy pattern.

Video example using the Zebra pattern:

Two planes with two type heatwaves.

Heatwave.rbxl (119.7 KB)



To understand this phenomenon, you would have to understand the science behind it. This blur effect happens when extreme heat is exposed to air, causing rapid endothermic reactions. These reactions cause turbulence and that turbulence is occurring so quickly, it has actually become visible. To make something like this in Roblox, you will need a very advanced system. The only idea I have is to put actual blocks (CollisionOff) on the back of the jet with either a special GUI or playing with transparency. Sadly, I am unaware of any Plugin that does such.


…ooor you can just blur the area where the jet of extreme heat is supposed to be. Roblox doesn’t have this right now, sorry. But you don’t need extreme RTX 2000000 ray tracing to simulate heat haze (which is what this is called).


Wow great solution @28Y8:clap:

This might be slightly off topic because I’m not sure how much this applies to big radiators. But if you play with the width, texture length and speed with a script during run-time you can make the amount of force noticable.


I’ve actually found that using nearly transparent smoke particle emitters gives pretty much exactly the effect you’re looking for. I can’t get any pictures right now but if you want to try it just make a particle emitter with the smoke asset and set the transparency as high as it’ll go while still being visible. I bet if you layered this effect with the zebra pattern beam you could get really close to the original image.


That’s hard to say, considering there isn’t any possible way to add texture to a blur in studio. :frowning: