Heaven Studio is hiring a Ui Designer! (Artist)

Hiring a UI Designer

About Us

This is Heaven Studios. We are a small upcoming roblox development team. We’re looking for a UI Designer who are willing to join our team and work with us.

The Team
@alexyroyal30 - Team Leader
@maxen2031 - Scripter
@XTheMaskedRobloxianX - Builder
@Maventine - Concept Creator
@YellowBannana898 - Builder
@CouldBeYou - UI Designer

About The Job

UI Designer

We are looking for a good UI Desinger. You have to be good at making UI but also be a good 2D Artist and making images. We want you to used roblox studio at least 1 year. Expect yourself being able to make shop guis, stats guis etc. We do not want laziness!

Example of what the UI Designer is expected to do

image3 image2 image1


We are paying via group funds as percentage. Keep in mind that you will join our team so you will earn robux from all of our roblox games together. We do not have any released games yet but 1 in progress. This also means that you need to trust us and believe in this investment. You will earn 10% of the group funds that means if we make 100,000 you will get 10,000 robux

Contact Us

You can contact me at discord: alexyroyal30#5618
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Do you need a GFX artist by any chance?

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I sent you a request on discord Xeveryi#4254

Send me a message on discord. Add me on it.

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