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Hey guys , im HelixKrober. Im builder (using blender , sometimes making models in roblox studio) and im making simulator alone now (scripter had some problems so he left). Im working on Elements Simulator. Im not boss for you , im your friend :slight_smile:

The Team
@KRABPLYT - Owner , Game Desingner , Ideas Maker , Builder , UI Maker.
??? - Scripter

This game called Elements Simulator. Its high quality simulator with new futures and good graphics. I wanted to make simulator that will be very interesting and popular.
Here is some ideas : Pets Fusing , History (like seasons in fortnite with events) , Secret spots , Quests.
Main game idea : Collect Souls with you Element . From souls you can get coins , exp , shards , bags. Coins - main value , shards - rare value (1% change for soul) , you need exp to level up and discover new worlds , areas . Here is 5 bag types. Better Bag = Better Loot = Less Chance. From Bags you can get food , coins , shards , pets , elements . With food you can feed your pet and level up. So main idea its grinding and trading in future.

Game is half done on scripting side. You need to make Bags , Script all pets and eggs , Script Quests , Script Shop , Script Gamepasses and we can release this game.

Game Screenshots

Im looking for proffesional scripter to make this game together. You must be interested in game. Here are some requirements you need to have CFrame Manipulation, How to use Bindable function/Events, how to use Remote functions/Events, how to use HTTP service, Storing data, and more.

I will pay you with percentages. The starting payment will be 30-40% of the revenue. I can do half-half in future if you will be active.

If you are interesting in this game and you will work on it , then DM me!
Discord - HelixKrober#0347

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Hello, I am interested. I sent you a friend request .

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