Hello! I’m back to make stuff for Roblox Community I guess

[How have you been?]

I’ve been feeling alright now. After getting out of a hospital from over working from my job and doing a lot of college assignments and trying to work on Roblox games for people, some of my friends has been taking care of me by giving me some medicines I needed. They even helped me to stop having mental breakdown so it’s all good. They’ve took me to a nice mountain trip but idk if I’m allowed to show the picture taken on this post… Uhhh yeah it was very relaxing to reduce my stress about criticisms and work

[Isn’t this kind of post supposed to be talking about games and community for Bulletin Board?]

Well uhh, they said I can share content by content I think like could be anything. But I’ll talk about games I’ve updated and other stuff relating to Roblox later. Hopefully it’s not off category

[How do you feel about last time you were in this DevForum?]

I feel like that time from a while ago was definitely not fun and unpleasant of what me and others has done over an argument ever since I went aggressive and demanding a person of what his feedback means and then bringing up about people who try to do some bad things to me. It was getting out of hand and wasn’t very mature. I should’ve just take a break and also just don’t respond to a very negative and even not constructive feedbacks and just read the other majorities instead. That time I didn’t slept for 3 days and I guess I kinda hallucinated and then started to go aggressive and intimidated. And then I thought creating a group message and inviting people who were “involved” was a good idea because I thought they could help to solve what’s going on. Nobody helped so then I thought about making one alt account having its own opinion to convince people to share theirs of what has happened to reach a perfect consensus to solve the argument problem. Then one thought I only wanted “attention” and thought I was trolling when I just wanted… I guess help to get this situation over out of my mind. But that went worse when they rebuked me for doing that and told me it was scummy which gave me a mental breakdown. But… At least someone told me it wasn’t and told me they understood why I did that. And I hope the one who scolded me will understand why. Like I know it wasn’t a smart choice but I wasn’t thinking straight when I didn’t slept well by that time. Well at least I think that is over and got some at least help and I will know next time I’ll try to know how to avoid that kind of situation in future. If that makes sense

[Are you able to create content and updates to your games again?]

Yes I think I will now that I’ve got supported and having some motivation to get going to have fun. Ive made arts and comic based on my roblox game if you would like to see here. I can also keep learning to learn LUA and I’ve been trying to order a Roblox LUA code book online just to help improve some of my games

[What kind of updates did you made for your games]

Oo I like that question! So far for every roblox games I’ve made, I’ve improved every guis position and the sizes that helps to fit for every platform! I got help so that’s how Ive figured out how to do it.

And I have improved a lot of scripts in my games by knowing how to make a touch and click function from scratch including for a tool and even improving every a proper debounces for every each! So now half of the scripts or most of the scripts in my games are made by me yayy but not every scripts are made by me since I’ve brought only some from toolbox and brought an asset from someone for over 100 robux and asked them how it works and is it safe to use it

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post doesn’t bother anyone…Hopefully I’ll be glad to hear wonderful feedbacks and criticisms and you guys can DM on this web and I guess the one who was there last time you can DM to let me know that we’re good. Just sorry about that and yes I can be quite apologetic…